Menara Alor Setar
Alor Setar, Kedah

Menara Alor SetarMenara Alor Seatr

243 BASE jumps were completed off Menara Alor Setar
by 21 BASE jumpers.

Menar AlorSetar Kedah Malaysia


Padi MuziumOur first stop in Kedah was the Paddy Museum.
BASE jumpers saw an impressive 3D mural in the museum which is a 360 degree realistic painting of the paddy fields and Gunung Keriang landscape. The painting measures 8 metres in height and 103metres in length.

BASE jumpers were then taken to Alor Setar Tower where we had breifing and then finished the day with some practice jumps.

Kedah Star City HotelAfter BASE jumping concluded for the day, BASE jumpers checked into the Star City Hotel.

Jumping started the next morning with a short display.

Norizan Yunus - Malaysiaku GemilangNorizan Yunus - Malaysiaku Gemilang
Gary CunninghamMenara Alor Setar Launch Ceremony
Aziz Ahamad
Malaysia BASE JUmpers - Aziz Ahmad, Asnawi Hassan, Norizan Yunus, Nik Fahmi, Samsul Amin
Menara Alor Setar BandCrowd at Menara Alor Setar

Gary CunninghamRonald LukeMaurizio di Palma
Douggs www.basedreams.comDouggs www.basedreams.comGary Cunningham
Gary CunninghamDouggs www.basedreams.com
Gary CunninghamJames WadeNorizan Yunus
Richard WebbSamsul Amin
James WadeMatthew FleischmanPaul Somerset
Gary CunnnngihamMaurizio di Palma
Dan WitchallsGary Cunningham - Ness Canopy

Giovanmaria MorandiRonald LukeDouggs www.basedreams.com
Michael KnurbinJames Wade

Gary CunninghamMatthew FleischmanDouggs www.basedreams.com

After 2 days of jumping off Menara Alor Setar, BASE jumpers were transported to the island of Penang for our fourth building of the event.

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