Menara Komtar
Georgetown, Penang

Tourism Penang

Menara Komtar and BASE Jumper Gary Cunningham


Jumping off Menara Komtar in Penang took place on 23rd August. Here we were joined by 2 more BASE jumpers from Australia, 1 from France, 1 from Japan and 3 from USA. We had a total of 17 jumpers completing over 100 BASE jumps.

For the opening ceremony BASE jumpers were taken to Menara Komtar on trishaws. On arrival at the building we were treated to a cultural performance.

BASE jumpers taken to Menara Komtar on Trishaws Penang BASE Jumpers

Then it was time to give our own performance.

BASE Jumpers Idros Yusop and Gary Cunnigham on the exit point BASE Jumper Gary Cunningham
BASE Jumper Gary Cunningham on Ness parachute BASE Jumper Idros Yusop Prudential BSN Takaful parachute LMG and TM parachutes

After our day of jumping, some of the jumpers went up Penang Hill which is 735 meters high. Unfortunately the train that takes people up the to the top of Penang Hill has been out of action for some time but we were able to get a 4 wheel drive to take us up to the top via the Jeep Track. On top we saw nice view of Georgetown and the Penang Bridge.

Georgetown from Penang Hill

Penang Bridge from Penang Hill

After Penang Hill we visited the Penang Botanic Gardens which is a the base of the Jeep Track. There we saw native flora and fauna which included many monkeys. Several monkey were seen carrying their young babies.

Penang Botanic Gardens

Monkeys at Penang Botanic Gardens Monkeys at Penang Botanic Gardens

After a successful day of jumping BASE jumpers were taken to Jerejak island for a closing dinner.

Pulau Jerejak Resort and Spa