Menara Pelita
Kuching, Sarawak

Kuching Sarawak - Menata Pelita

KL Tower International BASE Jump Merdeka Circuit 2008 started in Kucking Sarawak. Duing the event here 48 BASE jumps were completed at Menara Pelita during the event by 9 BASE jumpers.

6 Malaysian BASE jumpers and 2 Indonesian BASE jumpers completed a practic session on the morning of 2nd August. They joined by Australian BASE jumper Gary Cunningham later that day.

In the morning of the main event on 3rd August jumpers were transported to the opening ceremony at Menara Pelita on the back of motorbikes.
After being greated by VIPs, the BASE jumpers performed a display jump for the opening of the event. Jumping then continued for the rest of the day.

Menara Pelita Launch Platform
Menara Pelita showed its commitment to having a safe and successful event by installing a new rigid launch platform at the exit point.

Sarawak BASE Jumpers

Thanks to Sarawak Tourism and Menera Pelita for all their efforts in making the event possible.

Sarawak Tourism